Bee-hind the Scenes: Documenting Digital Traces of Prominent Natural History Bee Specimens

Bee type specimen CASTYPE1652 (or WD:Q117956333 as found in results of wd-types), held at the California Academy of Sciences, is embedded in a web of historic and ecological connections. We aim to pilot workflows to capture such connections for prominent specimens in citable knowledge packages to accelerate research.


This initiative came out of several collaborations, including the NSF Big-Bee project NSF#2102006 and the Open Traits Network. In a first attempt to practice articulating these ideas and help accelerate their development, we sent a Letter of Inquiry to the Sloan Foundation for support on 16 March 2023 and got a thanks-but-no-thanks reply on 5 May 2023. In preparing for the letter, we received (solicited) encouragement from folks associated with the following organizations:

Thank you!

If you’d also like to express your support, have ideas on how to help develop these ideas, or are interested to learn more, please contact Jorrit or Daniel.